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What We Do

Drafting tax laws,regulations and detailed implementing rules;providing advice on the making of tax policies;making joint efforts with the MOF to report and instructing implementation measures;interpreting tax laws and policies in the process of enforcement and reporting afterwards to the MOF for record-filing.


Wang Jun Commissioner
Wu Haiying Discipline Inspector
Ren Rongfa Deputy Commissioner
Yao Laiying Deputy Commissioner
Liu Lijian Deputy Commissioner
Wang Daoshu Deputy Commissioner
Hao Junhui Chief Economist
Rao Lixin Chief Accountant

Organizational Structure

· Departments of STA
  • · General Office
  • · Tax Policy and Legislation Department
  • · Goods and Services Tax Department
  • · Income Tax Department
  • · Property and Behavior Tax Department
  • · Social Insurance Department (Non-Tax Revenue Department)
  • · International Taxation Department
  • · Revenue Planning and Accounting Department
  • · Taxpayer Service Department
· Agencies directly under STA
  • · Education Center
  • · Logistics Center
  • · E-tax Management Center  
  • · Procurement Center
  • · Tax Science and Research Institute
  • · Tax Publicity Center
  • · Tax Academy of STA
  • · China Tax Magazine
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