Chinese and Netherlands heads of tax authorities reach five important consensuses at video meeting


Chinese and Netherlands heads of tax authorities reach five important consensuses at video meeting

Wang Tianhe Updated: 2021-06-29

To further deepen China-Netherlands tax exchange and cooperation, Wang Jun, the Director of the State Taxation Administration of China, and Peter Smink, the Director-General of the Netherlands Tax Administration, held a video conference on June 24. The two sides fully affirmed the achievements made in the 15 years since the signing of the China-Dutch Memorandum on Tax Cooperation, and held in-depth discussions on topics such as deepening the reform of tax collection and administration, serving epidemic prevention and control, and economic and social development, promoting the digitization of tax collection and administration.

Wang Jun introduced the Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Tax Collection and Administration, as well as the progress made by China's tax authorities in promoting big data construction and application, and electronic invoice reform. Wang Jun hoped that China and Dutch tax authorities will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation within bilateral and multilateral frameworks in the cause of building a better international business environment.

Peter Smink spoke highly of the China tax reform and innovation. He introduced the progress of the Dutch tax authority's institutional reform and vision of future development, as well as relevant measures taken by the Dutch tax department to help enterprises overcome the epidemic. Peter Smink also expressed his wish to continue promoting the communication and cooperation between China and the Dutch tax authorities to further consolidate and strengthen the traditional friendship between China and the Netherlands.

China and the Netherlands have clarified the new position of “An Open and Pragmatic Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation”, and strengthening tax cooperation between the two countries will certainly play a positive role in promoting bilateral economic and trade exchanges and bilateral relations to a new level. During the meeting, the two sides achieved the following five important results:

Strengthen high-level taxation meeting
The two sides will continue to strengthen high-level meetings to exchange the latest tax reform trends and tax administration practices between the two countries, so as to promote the tax authorities of the two countries to make greater contributions to the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the two countries' economies.

Renew the memorandum of cooperation
The two sides agreed to renew the bilateral cooperation memorandum, further expand the areas of cooperation, enrich the form and content of cooperation, and jointly improve the tax collection and management capacity.

Share experience in the field of tax collection and administration
The two sides will share the relevant progress of tax collection and administration reform, especially the tax management practice and experience of large business, continue to improve tax service management, help create a friendly international business environment, and better support the development of enterprises in the two countries.

Deepen the cooperation of digital tax collection and administration
The two sides will exchange and discuss cases and experiences in the digitization of tax collection and administration in key areas such as electronic invoices, further promote the construction and application of tax big data, promote the deep integration of modern information technology and tax business, and continuously improve the digitization and intelligence level of tax collection and administration in both countries.

Strengthen tax cooperation within the multilateral framework
The two sides will carry out extensive tax cooperation within the multilateral framework. By sharing the experience of tax collection and administration and exchanging the outcome of reform and development, the two countries will share their tax plans and tax wisdom, so as to contribute to the construction of a growth-friendly tax environment.

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